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Engineering Cultures

SoundTree Media Pvt. Ltd. is a comprehensive music and entertainment company with its core focus on independent music. The independent music scene in India is on the rise and more and more people are beginning to realise the wealth of talent and culture that this country has to offer globally. Driven by our passion for music and culture, and equipped with our individual professional experience, we at SoundTree have come together to become a force in this still fledgling but very high potential industry.

We are dedicated in our resolve to work towards promoting independent artists and music, and also ensure that the business of music and performing arts becomes a respectable and financially lucrative option. Our core idea is to build partnerships and create a strong alternative entertainment and cultural ecosystem in the country.

Our areas of operations include Editorial, Artist Management, Festival and Events, Music marketing, and Programming.

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Artist Management

Recognise | Partner | Promote

Artists in India are usually left to fend for themselves and many disappear or dissolve due to improper or no representation. We want to change that and make sure that independent music and musicians are given their due respect, recognition, and financial worth.

Our A&R division is constantly on the lookout for upcoming talent, and concentrates on not just getting artists different venues and avenues to play, promote and sell music, but also to partner with them at an intellectual level to turn them into strong and inimitable brands in their space.


Inform | Entertain | Engage

The core focus of SoundTree”s Editorial division is to remain true and relevant to the modern Indian music lover and to connect with them like never before. Our approach is to remain topical, informative and fresh.

The Editorial wing of SoundTree covers the latest in the national indie scene; features and promotes new and existing talent; and provides a comprehensive guide for events and venues. It also has an online radio with a playlist of music by independent artists; exclusive SoundTree video features and animations – TV SoundTree; an online store of music and merchandise; comic strips, and much more.

Festival and Events

Dream | Create | Experience

India is falling more and more in love with live entertainment and this space is becoming consistently bigger and competitive. Whether it is a small scale pub gig or a major open ground 2 day music festival, SoundTree believes that every event should be unique and memorable.

We therefore believe in not just conceptualising and creating events, but experiences which are hard to forget.

Music Marketing

Listen | Recognise | Monetise

At SoundTree, we believe that a well placed song is worth a thousand pictures. With a growing interest in music for licensing, sponsorship, music events, brand promotion and digital distribution, we are witnessing an increasing demand for home grown music and creativity within various industries.

SoundTree aims at forming and becoming an efficient and mutually beneficial bridge between musicians and consumers, and so ensure that good music is not just heard and recognised but is also monetised. This way our musicians can continue to do what they do best – make great music.


Partner | Visualise | Enliven

At SoundTree, we understand the value of partnering and creating programmes which are unique yet in sync with your objectives. With sheer creativity, instinct, and business sense, we try to come up with programming models that not only fit your budget and expectations but are also high on quality and recall.

Whether it is about designing an event flow for a two day culturalfestival, or your venue”s events calendar, we are listening.

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